systems-engineering-smallReduce operating costs by creating Productive IT Work Flows Systems 

UK ICT can link your existing programmes and systems to create seamless workflows, with real and measurable productivity improvements.

UK ICT is synonymous with data moving at the speed of thought and that requires an integration of systems to work seamlessly and effortlessly in one continuous workflow.  Efficiency advantages include avoidance of repetitive data entry (with associated risk of error) – instead functions link together and facilitate the data journey from application, to application.  We have the expertise to make your IT a real value-adding business asset; reducing operating costs by creating productive IT work flows.

With bespoke programming and the intelligent application of a range to IT software tools, we increase productivity and can produce the following advantages:

  • A reduction in work in progress WIP (time from order to invoice)
  • Quicker return on capital and resources
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Elimination of repetitive keying-in errors
  • Improvement to bottom line
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Improved and optimised workflows used to be complicated, costly and hence the reserve of large companies, but now we can economically increase productivity both on-premises or in the Cloud by simple automation of the workflow. This puts control in your hands, specifically where it’s needed; perhaps at the point of invoice, or where cost is added, like parts being made or ordered.

With a whole-process stream, the data we can extracted from any part of the workflow, allowing management interrogation of productivity, cost or cash at any point.  Immediate and accessible, real-time management figures afford the ultimate in agile, decision-making power. 

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