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In the latest update on the on-going Sage Drive issues Sage state:

We continue to see Sage Drive perform as normal

Click here to see the latest updates from Sage via their Incident Report

We advise caution in following the connection steps advised in the guide as we have seen data issues when users have tried to follow the process

Our advise remains:-

  • If you are not using Sage Drive and are using Sage through your premise based network you should be able to work as normal
  • If you have been accessing Sage remotely through a laptop and are now trying to access it while in the office please contact our Support Team (Click Here) as you may well have connection issues and we want to safeguard your data
  • If you are working remotely using Sage Drive, and still can’t connect then contact our Team (Click Here)
  • If in doubt please contact us, we have seen a very high incidence of problems reconnecting. We are here to help

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