We Are Green

Green IT - What We Do For Us


We Are Greeen

An environmentally focused approach can help companies lower costs and improves operational efficiency. At UK ICT we believe in planned and strategic development of IT infrastructures.  Network and Desktop optimization not only improves business efficiency but has a positive environmental impact.

We also believe that technology can delivery effective energy savings for business by changing the way we work. Secure and effective sharing of data and systems can create a truly efficient virtual office. Virtualization will Increase server utilisation, consolidate workloads onto fewer servers, and lower your IT energy and maintenance costs

The Virtual Office, Remote Worker and Home Worker Solutions, Virtual Server, Paperless Office, Electronic Marketing Tools, Infrastructure Optimization Consultancy.

Our Actions

Green IT - What We Do For Us

We invest heavily in remote support and monitoring technologies to provide fast response and fix times, proactive monitoring and minimum site visits. Reducing cost, reducing carbon footprint, maximizing efficiency. 

How We Work

Our Internal Process

We use the latest secure, remote technologies for our own operations to maximize the benefits of the Virtual Office.

We have a high percentage of electronic invoices, sales and purchase orders, quotations, payroll, HR and other business documents as we strive to make our offices as paperless as possible. Marketing is electronic, making the most of web based technologies.


Supply Chain

We supply HP and IBM equipment as a core part of our strategic infrastructure development not just because it is high quality, but because these world brands have a genuine commitment to carbon reduction.

Lenovo and HP have EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) gold status PCs.

Our Actions

Green IT - What We Do For You

We provide innovative and flexible solutions for business to make sure their ICT systems are flexible, fast and efficient so staff can move seamlessly between their working environments, reducing waste and unnecessary travel, paper usage. We can help deliver a flexible digital office that will reduce your business’s ecological footprint.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

There is a quiet revolution going on about the way people work.  Near universal ADSL/Broadband means that a business can share information between offices as seamlessly as if they are under one roof.

Work life balance, reducing travel costs, for many businesses the ability for staff to work from home increases productivity, reduces carbon footprint, helps retains good and committed staff and gives the boss a break from the office. From a subsidiary office to remote, home workers UK ICT can deliver the technologies and skills to implement a wide range of remote worker and satellite office solutions, providing you with a robust and secure infrastructure.

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Reduce the Servers on your racks, save power, be leaner and greener.

Greater efficiency is needed to tackle the issue of rising energy costs and the need to lessen organizations impact on the environment.

Server Virtualization is part of the answer, allowing IT managers to run their systems at optimum levels and using less hardware and reducing energy consumption.

The historical practice of one application one server has its roots in the days of less stable operating systems and cheap energy. A large proportion of servers in data centres are underutilized and machines can potentially be consolidated onto one platform. Virtualization can deliver a rapid return on investment, reduce energy consumption and provide a robust and flexible environment to meet user needs. 

Share information. Access applications remotely. VoIP PBX and phones.



Most businesses need to promote their products and services.

From innovative web design to e-newsletters and marketing strategies, web-based technologies can dramatically reduce paper and postage usage while promoting your business in a cost effective way and exiting way.

We also have some great starter solutions enabling businesses to make these savings by providing the latest e-commerce and marketing technologies at affordable prices.

Work from home and still be part of your office infrastructure.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Better IT management and changes in purchasing and distribution can have a positive economic and environmental impact.  Modern technology is only built to last four years at the most. Effective IT management and optimization can increase this lifecycle to the maximum, but until technology slows down it is unlikely to radically increase IT Lifecycle.

The WEE Directive www.berr.gov.uk has had an impact on EU manufacturers. There is now a real attempt to recycle IT equipment, much of which is now recycled and used where older technologies can still work.

When the Lifecycle ends we ensure effective recycling and WEEE compliance through our strategic partners: www.recycleit4u.co.uk

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