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Europe’s No 1 Cloud Business Software for SMEs


Exact Online – Cloud Business Software for SMEs. While the world is full of opportunity, it remains challenging to successfully navigate through it. Every decision a business makes, impacts its destiny. To be successful, companies need to act with confidence and clarity – in the moment, when it matters most. This is why Exact has been helping businesses take decisive action since 1984. For over 30 years, SME businesses have put their trust in Exact’s people, technology, software, and services to help make smarter, more informed decisions. Today, over 350,000 customers in 110 countries rely on Exact’s business solutions to compete in the global marketplace. As tech curious innovators, Exact continues to deliver solutions to enable SME businesses to succeed.


Better insights for a better business. Business owners are always looking to grow. They can, by having real time insight and full control of their finances and CRM. Exact for Accounting is here to help.


As an accountant you need to continually beat deadlines and exceed expectations to keep your clients happy. But that’s easier said than done, right? So any assistance you might find along the way will be more than welcome. Well, we’ve got some good news for you: Exact has now extended the capabilities of Workflow Management to help you work even smarter.

Professional Services

Our integrated online business software helps service providers to deliver profitable projects and improve their service. Prevent revenue leaking away due to mistakes in time tracking & invoicing and be sure to stay ahead of the competition. Everything is tied together, everything is automated, everything is under control.

Wholesale Distribution

Continue to add value and maintain healthy margins. There is no better way to stay ahead of the competition. Our integrated online business software gives wholesalers full control over both their logistics and finances, as well as strengthening their position in the supply chain Everything is tied together, everything is automated, everything is under control.


Our integrated online business software helps manufacturers to be more competitive and achieve full control over their production line. Stay ahead of tough competition and introduce lean manufacturing to your operation in the process, everything is tied together, everything is automated, Everything is under control.

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Exact Online Cloud Accounting

More than just accounting

Exact Online Cloud Accounting Software offers online software for business owners and accountants. The combination of accounting and CRM offers the perfect footing for any healthy business. Additionally, Exact provides integrated software for SMEs in manufacturing, wholesale distribution and professional services 

Key Advantages:

  1.  Automate everything with 1 flexible online subscription
  2. Work together for the best results
  3. Make better decisions with 24/7 online insight in all business data

Wholesale Distribution

Order, relationship and inventory management. Optimise your margins.

Project Management

Project management, time tracking and subscription management.


Calculation, planning and production. Modernise your manufacturing. Know exactly where you stand.


Integrated administrative software for accountants. Become a strategic, service-oriented partner.

Benefits of Exact Software

All you need to run your business

  • Online Collaboration

    Work online together with your accountant, bookkeeper and colleagues.

  • Wokflow System

    CRM, Sale Opportunites, Quotes, Sales Pipeline

  • Bank Synchronisation

    Automatic Bank feeds securely, accurately and quickly maintains your bank balances.

  • Professional Invoicing System

    Professionalize your invoicing and maintain a healthy cash flow.

  • Mobile App

    Access anytime, anywhere.

  • Professional Inventory

    Real-time inventory management is integrated with your accounting and CRM for maximum efficiency.

  • Time Tracking

    Record your hours at any time and immediately send an invoice.

  • Top Rated Security

    Exact complies with the strictest international security standards and is available 99.99% of the time. This makes it the most secure and reliable online business software in the world.

  • Extra Services

    Free Chat, Phone and E-mail support. Enhanced Enablement and Support packages from UK ICT

Exact provides world class business software for Finance, ERP, HRM and CRM processes. All fully integrated in one front and back office system across all locations, including business analytics and mobile applications. On-premise or in the private cloud. 

  • The latest digital innovation at the core of our products
  • We continually explore and em brace the latest technology, giving your business access to the innovations that can make the difference.
  • Standard software for fast implementation and faster ROI
  • Our software solutions are ready to go out the box, giving you powerful tooling that’s scalable, easy to implement and highly cost-effective.
  • Best in class service whenever and wherever you need us.
  • The focus is optimal support and maximum value creation at every stage of your journey with us – from analysis and advice to training and support.

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