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What is Computer Security?

In an age of growing network and computer security threats – cyber security products are essential. Small to medium businesses are confronted with huge challenges in keeping their data, productivity and networks safe. As well as an ever expanding range of new threats arising each day, shifts in how we work and the technology we use present new IT demands.

Thankfully, modern computer and network security systems are adapting too. These IT solutions, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, keep your business and its data protected from malicious intruders, theft and fraud. Think of it as the doors and locks of the IT world that ensure your business is safe. 

UK ITC works directly with the best computer security providers that cover a range of protection: from anti-virus, such as the comprehensive Kaspersky computer security suite, to firewalls for both physical and cloud based network locations.

Protect your data

“I thought “it will never happen to me”, but it did. An innocent click on an e-mail could have cost us our business. People take their IT systems for granted and it is only when they stop working that we give it the attention it deserves.” 

SME following a ransomware attack. 

Protect your data

Antivirus - ESET

Modern computer cyber security systems all start with protection against malicious software, such as trojans and spyware. The results of a virus attack can be devastating for a small business, both in terms of downtime caused by an unexpected hijack and the cost of getting work back on track. As a first line of defence, we offer ESET anti-virus computer security solutions as a main line of protection to keep your systems safe. One of the most popular cyber security services across the business world, ESET anti-virus security includes:

  • Real-time detection and removal of viruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers and more
  • Protection across multiple devices, including phone, tablet and Mac computers.
  • All the latest services you need to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats.

ESET Digital Security

Network security

A type of network security system, firewalls monitor network traffic and control it based on your security rules. This sets up a barrier and first-line of defence against untrusted networks and malicious threats that arise when using the internet. They help keep your network security in top form, whether you want to protect a physical site, such as an office, or require security protection for a cloud infrastructure, with an up-to-date firewall. Used in tandem with anti-virus protection Kaspersky, a firewall will provide your business with advanced network security. 

SonicWALL TZ Series

These firewalls offer advanced network security for physical locations such as small to medium sized offices.

  • Detect sophisticated threats, such as encrypted attacks.
  • Unified solution for both wired and wireless locations
  • SSL and IP-Sec VPN
  • Content and URL filtering
  • Gateway Anti Virus and Gateway Anti Spam
  • Centralized Management

SonicWALL TZ Series

SonicWALL NSv Series

A modern firewall for cloud based network security. This series is designed to offer all the benefits of a physical SonicWALL device but is completely virtualized to run in a cloud computing (link) environment such as Azure. This firewall includes all the benefits of the SonicWALL TZ Series, but for a solely digital environment over a physical location. 

  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Blocks More Attacks With RTDMI™
  • Consistent Policy And End-to-end Visibility

SonicWALL NSv Series

Password management, security and protection - Bitwarden

As well as ensuring your business is protected via firewall network security and anti-virus computer security, you can also keep your passwords safe yet convenient with our Bitwarden services. Bitwarden protects every access point into your business through an all in one single sign on experience, which is kept safe with multi factor authentication protection.

  • Access all your companies passwords from just one username and password
  • Integrate with existing directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory and thousands of applications.
  • Easy onboarding and offboarding of employees. You’ll no longer need to go through resetting passwords, as you can just remove them from Bitwarden to cut off access
  • Auto Save and Auto Fill both save work time for staff by filling in information automatically
  • Centralized secure management of password. These can be distributed so only the correct teams or people can get passwords they are allowed access to.

Find out more about BitWarden

Password management, security and protection - Bitwarden

How can I increase my business security?

Talk to UK ICT to find a tailored IT security solution for your business, wherever you are, including ESET anti-virus, firewalls and BitWarden installation and support.