server upgradeWhat Required:

Server upgrade

Servers were getting older and needed updating. Customer required server upgrade for a more responsive system, improved network performance, and a platform for an effective backup procedure

Who For:

Medium sized manufacturer – 3 sites – Numeaton

We Delivered:

Replace existing servers with Virtual Servers, reducing the physical hardware platform from 7 to 3 physical units, reducing hardware and maintenance costs, and promoting a greener environment.

Pre-configured servers in advance – installed and migrated data over a weekend ensuring minimum disruption to users. Setup Hyper V replication between servers, one located on a different premises, replicating via Leased Line ethernet.

Engineer on-site Monday following installation to ensure all users operating normally and respond immediately to any issues.


New systems installed, tested and operational with minimum on site disruption. User supported through changes in their working practices required to be fully operational

Client Coments:

I delayed the upgrade for far too long because I was worried about the effect of down time and the implications of having a new system, but UK ICT understood these concerns, managed the workload to minimize downtown and kept me informed throughout

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