Recover Ransomeware AttackWhat’s required:

Recover Ransomware attack affecting 2 x servers and 14 x PC’s

Who for:

Small to medium sized business

We delivered:

Recover Ransomware Attack

Engineer was on-site 40 minutes after call was logged on UK ICT Help Desk. Customers backup was corrupted and was attached to the server at the time of a ransomware attack so unable to restore from backup.

Advised customer to pay ransomware on 2 x servers – once confirmed – used recovery keys to restore data – competely flattened and rebuilt servrs prior to restore – running multiple and varied anti-virus scans

Then flattened all PC’s and rebuilt. Any local data on PC’s was lost – anything on Folder redirection – copy on server – was retained


Customer had access to data within 3 days of the attack and fully operational within one week. UK ICT responded quickly and efficiently, and spent a considerable amount of engineering resources to affect this business’ critical recovery. Although the business was operational quickly, the loss of data caused ongoing work for members of staff and worry for management. A full disaster recovery plan  had previously been advised and this was them implemented, reducing the cost and negative business impact of any future attack

Client comments:

I thought I had lost all my data, UK ICT had me operational, but I have now taken their advice and have protected my data with UK ICT’s Cloud Data Services. When we talked about this before I thought “it will never happen to me”, but it did. An innocent click on an e-mail could have cost us our business. People take their IT systems for granted and it is only when they stop working that we give it the attention it deserves. UK ICT worked outside office hours to reduce the impact on my business. I am confident that, by following their advice, we are better protected for the future


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