disaster recovery

What was required: Disaster Recovery.

The firm’s offices were flooded out when the nearby river burst its banks. The entire IT infrastructure looked to be unusable and could not be assessed for several days until the floods subsided. Day to day operations needed to be resumed as quickly as possible to ensure case work continued. Archives needed to he recovered to meet compliance requirements

Who for:

Gloucestershire Legal Firm.

What we did:

The client had a mix of cloud and premise based systems. We configure a new server using cloud held copies of Domain management, applications and data and made this available online through a secure portal for the employees to work remotely while premises under flood.

E-mail was cloud based using hosted exchange. We configured a number of laptops using profiles from backups to recover e-mail and calendar profiles, local applications and local data and sent these to the client’s employees, using remote access to fine tune desktops to user requirements and configure to local printers

The client’s premise based phone system used a Non Geographic number. We were able to configure a VoIP phone system, transfer the NGN number to the new system, configure handsets for staff. Setup call groups


The business was operational with business critical e-mail within hours and could communicate with clients and ensure meeting were rearranged as appropriate. The firm was fully operational within two days, albeit working without an office. Archive data was then recovered. As the firm took possession of premises again the data was migrated to the new on premise infrastructure

Client Comments:

Although we knew we were dependent on our IT systems to run our business, it was not until we lost them all that the real impact of this was understood. I am grateful that I was given good and practical advice on having a Disaster Recovery Plan and that I took Synaptech IT’s advice on this. Even though this was a small monthly cost the ability to get our systems up and running was impressive. As each part of our system came live, my worries about the future of our firm and our obligations to our clients diminished. The personal support we received was exceptional, through a difficult and challenging time. Thanks UK ICT

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