Cloud backup

We specialize in cloud backup and disaster recovery. Ensure business continuity whatever happens

Cloud backup

We specialize in cloud backup and disaster recovery. Ensure business continuity whatever happens


What are cloud backup disaster recovery solutions?

Avoid data loss from the likes of system failure, natural disasters and database corruption and faulty upgrades with our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions. They’ll ensure your business systems have a safe and secure backup plan – whatever may happen. 

We’ll make copies of your files, data, applications and more to a secure virtual location with our cloud backup. Your business does not need to be working on the cloud to benefit from cloud backup, and your resources can be restored both on-premises and off.

Meanwhile, our disaster recovery planning ensures you’ll be back on track straight away. Should disaster hit, we’ll restore the resources optimal to business continuity back to their original place with minimal fuss. As well rescuing your resources, we will provide managed support the entire time, keeping your disaster recovery swift and hassle-free. 

why is it important

Benefits of cloud backup and disaster recovery service

  • Restore data fast with an expert backup plan
  • Safe, secure and reliable backup service
  • Scalable – buy more cloud infrastructure as you need
  • No need to invest in upfront hardware
  • Pay only for what you use

Disaster Recovery Success

“As each part of our system came live, my worries about the future of our firm and our obligations to our clients diminished.”

Gloucestershire Legal Firm

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

  • File Storage

    Store files, folders and your even your entire system image on secure cloud storage.

  • Files Backup

    Bespoke backup and disaster recovery planning.

  • Support

    Unlimited managed support via phone and e-mail.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Prompt and expert disaster recovery as a service from our expert UK team.

  • Data Encryption

    Data encryption and compression.

  • Quick Recovery

    Our average disaster recovery response time is 1 hour

what can you recover

What kind of data loss can recovery as a service save?

Windows Servers

Files, Folders and File Versions



VMware and Hyper-V protection

We offer a range of cloud backup and disaster recovery management solutions