The Malware threat.

You may have heard of GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker, malware threats which are downloaded to a victim’s Windows PC by clicking on an attachment. The advice to UK consumers and businesses is to backup data and protect themselves from this threat, as cybercriminals will continue using command and control servers to generate phishing emails.

Ensure Maximum Protection.

UK ICT partner with Kaspersky, which ensures that our customers are protected. Other respected  anti-virus suppliers will have their own protection against such attacks. To ensure your network has maximum protection we are advising customers and potential clients to follow these important steps:

  • Ensure Windows and all Operating Systems are fully up-to-date, this will reduce the chance of any malware using application vulnerabilities to infect hosts.
  • Ensure Kaspersky Database definitions are fully up-to-date, or the equivalent Anti-Virus program updates.
  • Inform colleagues not to open any suspicious emails or attachments.  Do not run any unknown.exe files as the virus threat can come from users running a .exe file from an email attachment.

Kaspersky will continue to monitor and add definitions for variants relating to the virus threat.  If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact UK ICT, and we will be happy to assist you.

Protection for Staff, Friends and Family.

If your colleagues, friends or family are worried about the threats, please share these Top Tips with them to avoid being a victim at home:

  • Make sure your computers, tablets and mobile phones have up-to-date Security Software
  • If you don’t currently have any Security Software installed, please contact UK ICT and we will offer advice on the best and most cost effective solution
  • Take a backup of all important documents and files – this is vital as CyptoLocker will encrypt all your files and you will be unable to retrieve them
  • Don’t click on any suspicious or unknown links and attachments

We can help or use someone else but doing nothing is not an option.