KasperskyKaspersky Lab has been in the news in recent days following guidance issued by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to Permanent Secretaries at UK Government departments, concerning supply chain risks in cloud based products.

Although it is important to note that the guidance from the NCSC only refers to ‘systems related to national security’ some users may have concerns over the use of their technically well-regarded security software products

The NCSC’s Technical Director, Dr Ian Levy said that:

“Beyond this relatively small number of systems, we see no compelling case at present to extend that advice to the wider public sector, more general enterprises, or individuals. Whatever you do, don’t panic. For example, we really don’t want people doing things like ripping out Kaspersky software at large as it makes little sense”.

Kaspersky Lab have been quick to respond with a full statement you can read here and

An Open Letter to Partners and Customers

NCSC’s Technical Director, Dr Ian Levy goes on to say “For most people and enterprises, the biggest risks remain not keeping software up-to-date, poor network configuration management, and poor credential management. Most of the incidents we’ve dealt with that caused actual harm to the UK have been caused by one of these problems.”

Kasersky says “it does not have unethical ties or affiliations with any government, including Russia” and last week Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and CEO, stated publicly that were he ever asked to do so he would move the business out of Russia.

Kaspersky Labs add “While we are disappointed with the NCSC’s decision, Kaspersky Lab will be able to continue to use its market leading intelligence to protect critical infrastructure businesses. We will continue to innovate and develop new tools to help protect consumers and business from threats, and we have some exciting new ones to announce in the coming months.”

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