Could Your Business Survive a Ransomware Attack

Dear anyone that has a business or a computer... that's every one then. The days of simple malware developed by amateurs that were just looking to make mischief are long gone. Organized crime lies behind much of today’s malware, and the focus is on making money. Recent high profile ransomware attacks such as CryptoLocker are estimated to have hit more than 500,000 users and earned the cybercriminals behind £millions before they were taken down. Ranso...

Reduce operating costs by creating Productive IT Work Flows

With bespoke programming and the intelligent application of a range of IT software tools, we increase productivity and can produce the following advantages: A reduction in 'work in progress' (time from order to invoice) Quicker return on capital and resources Reduction in operational cost Elimination of repetitive keying-in errors Improvement to bottom line Improved customer satisfaction With a whole-process stream, the data we can e...

If you use Sage you need to see this

We are delighted to announce that UK ICT is one of the first six companies in the UK to become accredited suppliers of Sage 200 Standard On-Line This is of interest to all companies, but particularly of interest to companies that have outgrown, or simply need to get more out of Sage 50. Sage 200 Standard On-Line is a brand new product from Sage and offers a much wider range of capabilities than Sage 50. Click for detailed information on Sage 200 Standar

What Brexit means for your business – Advice from business owners – First published by Sage.

If you own a business, the June 23rd referendum which resulted in the UK’s decision to leave the European Union has probably given you reason to evaluate everything you can do to be prepared. We asked the Sage Business Experts – small business owners in their own right – for their advice on surviving and thriving in the wake of the Brexit decision. Here’s what we asked them and some highlights from their responses. Have you seen any impacts to your own

Automating the everyday

It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar to both managers and employees: you arrive at the office first thing, armed with a serious ‘to do’ list and ready to make an impact. But before you’ve even stirred that first cup of coffee, you’re facing a barrage of unexpected issues that promise to swallow up the best part of your day. Small businesses face a constant challenge to put out the inevitable fires while working to improve and grow. Automating processes